The Matrix Trilogy

Role: Associate Creative Director / Editor / Motion Designer     Type: Social     Agency: Trailer Park Group     Client: Warner Bros  ​​​​​​​
As an Associate Creative Director at Trailer Park Group, I had the exciting opportunity to work on one of my favorite film series right before the release of the new movie. What made this project exceptional was the access to all three features in the highest resolution.
I embraced the challenge of capturing the best moments from all three movies and blending them into a captivating social media piece, wearing both my Editor and Motion Designer hats, as always!
However, I didn't stop there. Inspired by the concept of glitching these iconic moments, I proposed the idea of projecting them onto a building in Downtown Los Angeles. The concept was like a hacking building, perfectly fitting the Matrix theme. By merging cutting-edge technology with creative design, we successfully brought the Matrix Trilogy to life on the face of the AT&T building, creating an immersive and memorable experience.
The concept of the hacking building involved utilizing a massive LED display on the AT&T building as our canvas. To bring this idea to life, Bo Krucik, a skilled 3D artist at Trailer Park, meticulously recreated one face of the building digitally. This virtual representation became our playground to infuse glitch effects and unveil iconic moments from the Matrix Trilogy.
As we transformed this simulated part of the building into a glitched version, the screen served as the medium to showcase these mesmerizing Matrix scenes. The glitch effects added a dynamic and futuristic touch, perfectly aligning with the theme of digital manipulation and virtual reality.

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