Sweet Tooth

Role: Associate Creative Director / Editor / Motion Designer     Type: Social     Agency: Trailer Park Group     Client: Netflix  ​​​​​​​
As the Associate Creative Director at Trailer Park Group, I played a key role in creating social/digital spots for Netflix's Sweet Tooth. Wearing the hats of both editor and motion designer, these videos serve as a visual narrative, intricately weaving the essence of the series into every frame.
Additionally, I condensed the project highlights into a one-minute video, which gained recognition and was shared through the official accounts of Robert Downey Jr. and Netflix, reaching a wider audience.
Complementing the digital experience, I also designed a digital outdoor piece, publicly showcased in New York City's advertising landscape.
Case Study
To provide a deeper insight into the creative process, I've crafted a comprehensive case study video highlighting the work we undertook at Trailer Park Group for Sweet Tooth. This video delves into the intricate details of our approach, showcasing how we brought the captivating world of Sweet Tooth to life through digital storytelling.

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